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Brick is back!

2 2Jessica Brick, an elderly spinster, has set up a detective business in her sleepy English village. But nobody wants to consult her. They all think she’s just a batty old busybody — and they’re right.

When Jessica’s nephew, Harry, becomes engaged to a millionaire, his aunt is keen to meet the family. But a death at the dinner table means things will never be the same again. Armed with a cape and a new golden walking stick, can Jessica solve the case before the police arrive? Or can she, somehow, stumble upon the truth?

If you liked A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH, you’ll love Jessica Brick’s latest case.

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“The story line is witty and fast moving and it’s great to see the return of this lovable and well meaning busybody.”

Tina on Amazon UK


A Fete Worse Than Death

Introducing Jessica Brick! Get this 7,000 word story on your Kindle for just 99p!


A Fete Worse Than Death is a new comic murder mystery featuring the best detective of them all. Jessica Brick is an elderly spinster who lives in a sleepy English village. When she decides to become a crime solver, nobody thinks she’ll succeed … and they’re right. She’s clueless.

An exotic wine enthusiast is murdered at the village fete, and Jessica sets to work. Somehow, she stumbles upon the truth…

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“Jessica Brick […] is just marvellous – while she is, no doubt, a good-humoured parody of the Jessica Fletchers and Miss Marples of the world, Bernthal still manages to give her a distinct flavour all of her own. I can’t wait for the next story!”

Quen Took, on Amazon UK

Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water is a 17,000 word novella. It’s a murder mystery set on board the world’s most famous ship, and you can get it on your e-reader for less than £2!


1912. The Titanic sets sail.

They call it the Ship of Dreams, a triumphant construction that will take passengers to New York and into the twentieth century. But when a simple maid is murdered on board, there is a band of VIP suspects. The spiritualist, the art dealer, the suffragist, the crime writer… which of them did it? And why?

Grace Ayres needs to know what happened to her sister, and Edgar Cain, a matinee idol with a secret, wants to help her. But when the ship strikes ice, does the truth really matter…?

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“It’s a classic whodunit story which kept me guessing right to the final page and I loved the ending as it was so unexpected and ingenious.”

Tina, on Amazon UK

Unsinkable Ice


Edith Corse-Evans was one of the few women who travelled first class on the Titanic, and didn’t survive the sinking. This postmodern story jumps between two narratives (do they take place in 1927 and 1912, or does it just look like that?), mixing fact and fiction. When the Titanic sank, 15,000 people died — but was the loss more than human? ‘Unsinkable Ice’ is a story about stories, legends, and the need to make narratives. It is a snapshot, a fossil — preserved in ice that will not sink or melt.

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“[I]f you are at all interested in the story of the Titanic, you will enjoy this book.”

Lindyloo, on Amazon UK