“Laid back feel, felt comfortable and able to work”

“Great atmosphere and easy to speak up”

“Well-structured and democratic seminars … I always enjoy them!”

“Jamie comes across as being just as experienced as the older staff members despite his age. There has never been a lull in class discussion. Jamie is engaging, professional and always interesting.”


Enthusiasm in research feeds directly into my enthusiasm as a teacher and lecturer. My teaching style is student-based; there is something extraordinarily exciting about the exchange and exploration of ideas. Seminars that I teach are extremely democratic but also meticulously focussed. As much as possible, we work with texts.

I have had experience teaching at the University of Cambridge, the University of Exeter, the University of Bristol, and Middlesex University. I have taught students of all ages and levels, on modules including:

The Novel (from Daniel to Defoe to Alison Bechdel)

Beginnings (early English literature)

Modernism and Interwar Women Writers

Crime and Punishment (detective fiction from Edgar Allan Poe to Stieg Larson)

Literary Analysis

Language, Literature, and Writing

Identities and Global Literature

Genre Fiction

Advanced Crime Writing

Dissertation (supervision and moderation)


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