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Creative Writing

Spotlight on Jessica Brick (Strolenski, 2020), And Then There Were Nuns (self-published, 2020), The Six Deaths of Excalibur Braille (self-published, 2018); Jessica Brick Investigates (Strolenski, 2017); Murder on the Cards (self-published, 2017); Charity Ends (self-published, 2017); Dead Fan’s Folly (self-published, 2017); Cyanide on the Side (self-published, 2016); A Fete Worse Than Death (self-published, 2016); Dead in the Water (self-published, 2016); Poems to a Dead Anorexic Hercules (self-published, 2014); Unsinkable Ice (self-published, 2012); Banquo’s Ghost, in The Exeter Journal (2), 2011; Doris Frump’s Obituary, in Pandora’s Box (7), 2009. 14; The Saint in the Cathedral in Homage to Cheshire (Edited by W. Terry Fox), Cheshire County Council: 2009, 32; Murder in Marwick, in ThrillerUK (20), 2004. 27-32; Drop Dead Gorgeous, in Thirteen (1.6), 2004. 30-33. Other publications in Twisted Tongue; Jeans for Genes; The Pygmy Giant; etc.

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