Agatha Christie: New releases reviewed. #2. Tom Adams Uncovered by Tom Adams and John Curran

Last month, September 2015, saw the world celebrating Agatha adamsChristie’s 125th birthday. Several books, events, broadcasts, and other releases marked the occasion. Finally, I’ve got organized and on top of my shopping list. This week, I’ll be reviewing five new Christie releases. One a day.

This is the second big book to feature Tom Adams’ iconic Agatha Christie cover paintings – but unlike The Art of Her Crimes (or The Agatha Christie Cover Story, depending on where it was published), it features paintings from other projects. This detailed volume includes cover art for books by John Fowles, Raymond Chandler, and others, formal portraits, museum commissions, and more. In addition, there is an insightful partial commentary from Christie expert John Curran. It is a really beautiful, strikingly designed coffee table book.

It is easy to see why these paintings are so popular. They provide individual commentaries on the books or subjects they reproduce, while also standing as tiered works of art in their own right. The only let down is the quality of printing. It is a very nicely produced book but some of the images don’t do the pictures they reproduce full justice. Those wonderful paintings are so much more than they seem here. There is a lot to pique your interest, but it is always worth getting hold of a print or better still an original to admire the true artistry of Tom Adams.

Tomorrow: Agatha Christie: The Lost Radio Plays

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