New Jessica Brick story

I’m delighted to have published another story, the sixth featuring Jessica Brick. If you haven’t met Jessica yet, I think you’ll like her. She is, essentially, Miss Marple without the skills. The idea came from reading Agatha Christie novels in which everyone dismisses Jane Marple as a batty old spinster — only to have her run mental rings around them… but what if they were right?

These stories are comic mysteries and CORPSING is the first ‘proper’ entry to the canon since 2017. Jessica did appear in a novella, THE SIX DEATHS OF EXACLIBUR BRAILLE, last year, and also in a play, which is being read in workshop by Lowestoft’s Red Herring Theatre Company this July.

You can find out more about this story at



6Your favourite sub-super sleuth is back!

Jessica Brick, the well-meaning spinster, is enjoying a routine trip to the chip shop when she runs into a brash American woman, Belinda Berger. No sooner has Jessica introduced herself to the village’s newest resident than she has been roped into playing Queen Victoria in an amateur musical.

The dress rehearsal goes well. But, as Belinda finds out to her cost, a good dress-rehearsal makes a bad first night…

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This long short story is the sixth case of Jessica Brick, who never fails to misread the clues but stumbles on the truth every time.

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