About JC Bernthal


The full name is a mouthful: James Carl David Bernthal-Hooker — but call me Jamie! I’m an academic with special interests in Agatha Christie and gender theory, who is currently a Visiting Fellow in Creative Writing at the University of Suffolk.

In 2015, I gained an AHRC-funded PhD from the University of Exeter. Examiners praised my thesis for its clear argument and recommended it for publication in its current form. The resultant monograph, Queering Agatha Christie: Revisiting the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, was published by my first choice, Palgrave Macmillan in 2016. I am also the editor of The Ageless Agatha Christie: Essays on the Mysteries and the Legacy (2016) and co-editor, with Rebecca Mills, of Agatha Christie Goes to War (2020). I have two books out in 2022: The Bloomsbury Handbook to Agatha Christie (2022) co-edited with Mary Anna Evans, and Agatha Christie: A Companion to the Mystery Fiction (2022), an exhaustive guide to (nearly) everything the Queen of Crime wrote, published or unpublished.
Research interests include:cwa-logo-member-black

  • Detective fiction
  • ‘Middlebrow’ literature and culture
  • Genre
  • Gender
  • Queer theory
  • LGBT+ literature and culture
  • Creative writing.

I live in Suffolk with my spouse, Dr. Alan Bernthal-Hooker, who researches the Bible and religion. In my spare time I write fiction and am involved in local theatre.


  1. I hve been reading Agatha Christie’s Autobiography. have read her books since young and chancing upon this website, felt the need to send a “fan” letter, of sorts. Hope it all goes well on the 14th in Exeter! Cheering you on from California…

  2. Hello, I claim myself as an Agatha Christie maniac but until I found out about this blog I felt ashamed. I am doing a PhD in heritage in Leeds. Thank you for your research!!

  3. Is it the same ‘Alan Bernthal Hooker’ who authored ‘ You Shall Know Yahweh’ you are talking about? I nee to talk to him about his work. Could you please provide me with his email and contact information?

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