Freelance Research & Public Speaking

Video: That's my voice opening for Samantha Bond! 

I am available for freelance research and public speaking. I have experience as a researcher, consultant, and speaker for a variety of events and media including national television (BBC, PBS, Channel 4, UKTV)  and radio (BBC World Service and others, LBC, UCB, Radio New Zealand, ABC Australia). In particular, I am a recognised authority on Agatha Christie and am happy to provide services in that capacity.

Some audio clips feature below. Please use the CONTACT tab to get in touch. I respond as soon as possible to all requests for more information, or for quotes.

BBC World Service interview

Full episode of All About Agatha

Some headlines resulting from a research project I worked on with Dr Dominique Jeannerod and Brett Jacob for Taylor Herring. I acted as project spokesman on radio and in print. The estimated audience for interviews and write-ups in English is upwards of 500 million.

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