Gender & Sexuality

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Moving On (self portrait, 2014)

While gender, sexuality, and queerness are tremendously important for me academically and personally, I have not published or taught on anything more specific than feminism in popular literature. As such, this page will grow with time, and as my thesis matures. For my own opinions – e.g. why I identify as queer-bisexual, but have campaigned for ‘equal’ marriage (marriage being an inescapably heterosexist, traditionally patriarchal construct) – do please check out my Twitter and tumblr accounts..

Some Links

GLBTQ Encyclopedia. A great resource, especially if you already know what you’re looking for. It’s a bit American and a trifle PinkNewsish but is still invaluable.

A good overview of queer theory, which I consulted when writing PhD proposals!

Bully Bloggers. Extremely eminent figures in the world of queer studies blog on queer art and culture.  Fun, important, not going so well lately. By the way, I chose this website’s layout before I knew that Bully Bloggers shared it. Clearly I don’t visit regularly enough. The best contributer is J. Jack Halberstam, whose website you can visit here.

Notches: (Re)marks on the History of Sexuality. This is an ambitious and satisfying scholarly blog that aims to open up discussions of histories of sexualities from all angles within the academy. I’d love to contribute one day.


Resources By Me

I’m a literary correspondent and reviewer for Vada Magazine, which seeks to bring ‘a new queer perspective’ to life. The target audience is young, not necessarily academically-minded people and is mostly gay male focussed. Here are selected contributions:

You can check out some vaguely relevant blog posts at Bodies Everywhere.

Book Reviews

I reviewed Word on the Street by Romy Wood (2013) for the Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (rush-written, September 2013; published, January 2014).

There are some very vaguely relevant non-academic reviews on my Goodreads account (see links above).

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