From Happy to Grumpy and Sleepy to Doc

It’s happened. The VIVA is over! And what a dream it was. More than one week on, and I am still a little nonplussed. I haven’t yet seen the examiners’ reports but some quotes appear in a departmental email from last week, which I’d like to share.

2015 has been an extraordinarily trying year for me, and I am proud of myself for having achieved several things despite some personal upheavals. More news – and blog posts – to follow, but for now I wanted to share that good news with anyone who cares.

For the next blog post, how about tips for passing your viva? What do you think? Honestly, I feel like such a fraud (and I still keep expecting the AHRC to say they made a mistake and I shouldn’t have been accepted for a PhD in the first place) that offering this feels like the height of arrogance. So please say whether it would be useful.

Now. I don’t suppose you’ve got a nice post-doc or teaching position going for a shiny new doctor…?

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