Published: The Ageless Agatha Christie

I’m beyond thrilled to announce a new publication. The Ageless Agatha Christie: Essays on the Mysteries and the Legacy was published by McFarland ahead of schedule in February 2016. I received my author copies on 23rd February.

This is the first English language edited collection of academic essays on Christie. It’s amazing to me that this hasn’t been done before and I am thrilled to have edited this collection of timely and insightful essays.

When Agatha Christie died in 1976, she was the bestselling mystery writer in history. This collection of new essays brings fresh perspectives to Christie scholarship with new readings and discussions of little-known aspects of her life, career and legacy. The contributors explore her relationship with modernism, the relevance of queer theory, television adaptations, issues with translations, information behavior theory, feminist readings, postcolonial tribute novels, celebrity culture and heritage cinema. The final word is given to fans in an editorial that collates testimonies from readers, collectors and enthusiasts.

Twitter is already being very nice!

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The following content from McFarland & Co.

Table of Contents

Preface 1
Introduction: Mystery and Legacy 3
Agatha Christie in Dialogue with To the Lighthouse: The Modernist Artist (Merja Makinen) 11
England’s Pockets: Objects of Anxiety in Christie’s ­Post-War Novels (Rebecca Mills) 29
Queer Girls, Bad Girls, Dead Girls: ­Post-War Culture and the Modern Girl (Sarah Bernstein) 45
“With practised eyes”: Feminine Identity in The Mysterious Mr. Quin
(Charlotte Beyer) 61
“The sumptuous and the alluring”: Poirot’s Women, Dragged Up and Dressed Down (J. C. Bernthal) 81
“The Encyclopedic Palace of the World”: Miss Lemon’s Filing System as Cabinet of Curiosities and the Repository of Human Knowledge in Agatha Christie’s Poirot (Meg Boulton) 98
“One must actually take facts as they are”: Information Value and Information Behavior in the Miss Marple Novels (Michelle M. Kazmer) 114
And Then There Were Many: Agatha Christie in Hungarian Translation
(Brigitta Hudacsko) 130
Mother of Invention: Agatha Christie, the Middlebrow Detective Novel and Kerry Greenwood’s Postcolonial Tribute Series (Jilly Lippmann) 145
Autobiography in Agatha (1979): “An imaginary solution to an authentic mystery” (Sarah Street) 161
Editorial: Fans Have the Final Word (J. C. Bernthal) 176
About the Contributors 181
Index 183

Agatha Christie studies are the future! To be part of this emerging field, why not contribute a paper to the third international Agatha Christie conference?

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