Hello! I hope you’re well! I have lots of exciting news, but most of it would probably seem dull to anyone who isn’t me. The Criminal Heritage conference went brilliantly, and we have interest from multiple academic publishers. Because of the high level of interest from all sides, Fern and I are expecting to prepare a book proposal without a fresh CFP so if you’d like to be considered please do email us at criminal heritage at gmail dot com.

I was also rather pleased to hear from my friend Tina that the great John Curran has mentioned my books in his talk at the International Agatha Christie Festival. And it was nice to be quoted – a while ago, now – on the fantastic All About Agatha podcast (even if I can’t agree with the hosts’ assessment of Lord Edgware Dies!).

But the main news today is that I have a new blog, consisting exclusively of crime fiction reviews. It’s called A Sign of the Crimes and you can find it here. The idea is to cover a cross-section of crime writing, with big dollops of my own reading journey thrown in. Because it’s a Blogspot blog, there’s a handy option for email-subscription. I hope you enjoy it!

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