Jessica Brick is in print!

I am delighted to tell you that Jessica Brick Investigates, a collection of five short stories and bonus materials, is now available in paperback.

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The Jessica Brick stories represent a labour of love on my part. They are comic murdermysteries written by me, in a spirit of jokey affection towards the clichés of cozy crime.

Jessica Brick is an elderly spinster who lives in a sleepy English village. When she decides to become a crime solver, nobody thinks she’ll succeed … and they’re right. She’s clueless. Jessica’s village is awash with crime, intrigue, and goings-on of all kinds in these comic tales; they’re baffling puzzles that are dead funny.

If you’re a fan of Miss Marple, Agatha Raisin, or Midsomer Murders, you’ll be delighted to meet Jessica Brick. Bestselling crime writer Sophie Hannah says, “Jessica Brick could go very far indeed.”

Essentially, these stories started with a very simple idea: Miss Marple, one of the greatest detectives of all time, is always ignored by her peers. They think she’s just a batty old woman — which is their fatal mistake. But what if they’re right? What if she is just a batty old woman…?

Jessica Brick Investigates includes every Brick story that has already been published in Kindle format, and exclusive bonus material. Find out more at

You can buy Jessica Brick Investigates from any online retailer. But if you buy it through you get signed copy for £2 less than the RRP. Order soon to receive your book/s in time for Christmas!


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